Texts From the Kuroshits;
Oh god who thought giving ANY of these characters a phone would be a good idea?;
Anonymous whispered:
What are those numbers suposed to mean?

they represent the area codes for the states from which the texts were sent! so for instance, (217) represents one of the area codes from illinois.

- admin kitt

still accepting area code submissions!

hey everybody! this is just a friendly reminder that we are still taking submissions for area codes that you would like featured. it’s a good way for us to help focus our efforts, plus you get to hear about all the crazy shit that happens in your area! just send us an ask with the area code and we’ll get right on it.

and thank you, as always, for following and supporting us! we couldn’t do it without your help. you guys rock, and if you wanna be a part of the team, shoot us an ask and submit a sample text from the kuroshits!

you guys are the best!!

- admin kitt